Many people feel like they don’t “fit” in society. We can help you learn to communicate with your spouse, boss, or anyone else you deal with day-to-day without losing the qualities that make you unique! We regularly help people deal with trauma, anxiety, grief, boundary difficulties and more.


Your relationship with your spouse or significant other is perhaps the most important in your life. We will clarify how you can each meet each other’s needs and improve communication so that your relationship reaches new heights in richness, trust and love!


Family dynamics can be complicated and frustrating. They can also be exciting, fulfilling and provide the foundation for a support system that lasts a lifetime! We’ll help you understand the roles, boundaries and needs of each member of your family and set up strategies to strengthen your loving relationships.

Who is Credo Counseling

In Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer there is the Island of Misfit Toys, filled with playthings that seek love but are rejected because they don’t function like traditional toys. Many people we work with feel the same way. They have beautiful personalities, but for one reason or another they just don’t “fit.” Sometimes that shows up through troubles at work or home. Sometimes people just can’t get out of bed each morning. Whatever your challenge, we want you to know you have a home. We’ll help you embrace what is unique in you and navigate what often feels like a foreign world.